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There is a complete variety of different poker games to choose from but it is very important that you choose the game which best suits your abilities, your availability and your finances. The best thing that internet has done is providing you with a huge range of poker games, whether free or paid only a few clicks away. So whether you are new to poker or an experienced Pro, there is something available for everyone. As this article will concentrate mainly on the learning aspect, I think it is always a good point to start with the various types of games and then moving forward on to tips for specific games.  In the past, poker was mainly considered as a game of luck. But for many years, it had been observed that the regular players are winning poker tournaments more often. So it becomes clear that poker is a skill-based game which can be learnt.

So what’s the best source of information or platform for learning poker? Well everyone has got their own learning habits and a like for resources, but this article will focus on learning poker online.

There are many websites that offer comprehensive poker learning resources. Starting from beginners and moving to advanced levels, from trial games to tournament games, from free games to cash games, you will most likely find what you are looking for. Poker games vary according to the manner the cards are dealt and whether a higher hand or lower hand wins the kitty.

Most poker games usually follow a similar set play but can be basically divided into 4 main categories, straight, stud, seven card stud, draw and community. In Straight poker players bet in one round with a complete hand being dealt. In straight poker cards of five can be used as a final showdown to win the pot.

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It is true that with the advent of online poker, more and more people are learning to play poker, and as such it behoves the new player to learn as much online poker strategy as they can. This will not only give them an advantage over the other poker players who dont use any type of strategy to play, but it also gives you a better starting position, as you will be ready for any contingency. The main trick to winning at online poker, or indeed any type of poker, is practice and experience. Without either by your side, no amount of knowledge of online poker strategy and game plays will be of help to you.

To that end, it is to your benefit if you spend more time playing the game of poker rather than reading about poker strategies and things. Leave that to a time when you are better able to play poker without having to stop and think about whether or not you have a possible good hand or not!

In short, use online poker strategy and game plays only when you have the knowledge and the know-how to play poker properly. Another thing that you will want to keep an eye out for when you are looking into these online poker strategy and game plays, is whether or not they are out and out poker cheats, or even whether they are borderline poker cheats.

Either way you will want to be careful when you are dealing with these strategies which fall into gray areas as you could be penalized for having used them, even if you were unaware of what they were to begin with. Remember, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse in most places, and you want to be very careful when dealing with strategies and things which could be construed as cheating.

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It surprises most players to learn that there are over 100 different types of poker that are currently being played. Of these there are some that stand out as favourites of the public and these are the ones that draw the most crowds and pay the most out in winnings. In order to win you have to understand the rules and set ups for each of the types of poker that you want to play. There are 5 top poker variations and they are: Draw poker, Texas Hold’em, Lowball, Omaha Hold ’em, Lowball.

Even many of these poker variations are broken down into smaller classes, including no limit, hi-lo, pot limit and limit varieties. Some of these give you a better advantage depending on your hole cards, while others throw a distinct advantage to you depending on where you are seated at the table. It is up to you to experiment and learn how to play.

Another great thing is that you can pretty much count on these top 5 poker variations to be found in every casino in the world. The same games that are being played in your neighbours house, the local casino, and the club can be found online. Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, and Omaha Hold’em are the ones that generally feature the large tournaments.

Since all of the poker games will have different rules to follow Free Web Content, it is important to make sure that you are learning the ropes before sinking a lot of money into a game. Read the rules and think about what you would be best at and then play in the free online poker rooms for a while. Do not place any money down on a poker game until you have played enough of the free online poker games to have built up your confidence.